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Think I'm stuck on something pretty simple. I setup a custom CMS Action to duplicate an Event page, which works fine. However, this action is not present when editing this page via Model Admin. Anyone know how to enable it there?


For reference this is where the button should appear


Narrator: this is not pretty simple 😞


@Dribbles Did you have a look at this Question on Stack Overflow?


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Silverstripe 4.0.4 - getCMSActions not working as expected on dataobject

I am trying to add a copy dataobject button next to the save and delete button on a dataobject but "getCMSActions" does not seem to work. I have followed the tutorials on the following pages: ht...

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Thanks @Admonish, a friend pointed me towards the same implementation in the above example as well. The button is rendering now, which is great! Thanks for the suggestion

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Anybody seen this before? Uncaught League\Flysystem\Exception: Impossible to create the root directory "/data/websites/". Not quoting the scalar "%$SilverStripe\GraphQL\PersistedQuery\GuzzleHTTPClient" starting with the "%" indicator character is deprecated since Symfony 3.1 and willthrow a ParseException in 4.0 on line 15.


Looks like Symfony (which Silverstripe uses for YML parsing) doesn't like Silverstripe's Injector notation.


Documented here:

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New in Symfony 3.1: YAML deprecations (Symfony Blog)

In Symfony 2.8 we introduced some YAML deprecations to make configuration files compliant with the YAML spec. In Symfony 3.1 we introduced additional deprecations, some of them needed for the new YAML...

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I have no idea right now why this would suddenly happen in a Silverstripe 4 application 😕


Any background information you can provide? When did it stop working and what did you do?


Hrm, I think it’s a config error on my behalf


Thanks for you reply. I’ll keep going down the route that it’s a fault with something I’ve done. More likely

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This is where the button should appear


Can someone please show me how to pass field data to a DataObject using a HiddenField? I'm currently working with a DataObject that is being rendered using ModelAdmin . I have tried the following code in my DataObject:

  1. //...
  2. private static $db = [
  3. 'TotalWorkflowSteps' => "Int",
  4. ];
  6. private static $defaults = [
  7. 'TotalWorkflowSteps' => '0',
  8. ];
  9. //...
  10. public function getCMSFields()
  11. {
  12. //...
  13. $fieldList = FieldList::create();
  14. $rootTabSet = new TabSet("Root");
  15. $fieldList->push($rootTabSet);
  17. $totalStepsField = new HiddenField("TotalWorkflowSteps", '', 4);
  18. $fieldList->push($totalStepsField);
  19. //...
  20. return $fieldList;
  21. }

This produces the following html:

  1. <input type="hidden" name="TotalWorkflowSteps" value="0" class="hidden" id="Form_ItemEditForm_TotalWorkflowSteps">

It looks like the value that I added is being overwritten by the default value


I think, the HiddenField class requires the second parameter to be the value


Because a hidden field by default has no label