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^^ That one appears in like every pentest I get to review 😄


Hi all! CWP 2.5.0 has been released, and the changelog is now available on the CWP website:

We'll be following up with a full release announcement on the CWP blog in the new year. Happy holidays 🙂

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Jen Geard

Hi All. Is there an off-the-shelf Video Element for CWP 2 that supports embedding from video hosts other than YouTube? We need to be able to support occasional Vimeo embeds as well, and it looks like what we've got is custom coded for YouTube.


There are video elements out there. Or your current element could be extended to support vimeo. It would also be simple enough for a dev to make an element that uses something like embed ( But there would be a certain amount of frontend involved in integrating most options (depending on the current setup)

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Adds embed and video a dataobject along with dataextension to apply embed to existing objects.

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@Jen Geard Vimeo support is built-in to the WYSIWYG editor. Use the "Insert Media" button

Jen Geard

@null Thank you. I'd been so distracted by our content blocks that I'd forgotten the basics. 🙂

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Pretty sure it's not limited to Youtube/Vimeo either. Any video provider that supports oEmbed should work


Though there were some bugs related to the oembed feature like 500 errors when the video couldn’t be loaded…