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  1. []'a'), (el) => {
  2. console.log(el);
  3. el.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
  4. alert('AYYYY');
  5. e.preventDefault();
  6. });
  7. });

is logging a bunch of anchors as expected, but the click event handler never fires


Never mind, it’s all Vue’s fault… if I run that before Vue initialises, it doesn’t work, if I run it after it works fine


Hi Everyone I have noticed something that I find quite bizarre on 4.4.1. If I have a DataObject as Page and I loop a function say to get the DO and inside that function I have an include that calls a different function on the same controller. It does not pick it up. I have tried using $Top and $Up. but with $Top I get no info and no error and with $Up I get no info but I do get a error saying that I am already on the top level and cant go Up


Has anyone noticed this? or am I doing something stupid?


Top and Up won't work outside of the include


... but you can pase it in like <% include App/Includes/Item Parent=$Top.Parent %>