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i have some time thursday night, will take a scan 🔍


Hi there. Has anyone else noticed that Reindex/Update Solr Index doesn't get triggered when publishing a page on Platform?

So • No CommitUpdatesIndex job is created, or anything for the matter of fact • This mostly affects when using Solr Boost Keywords Works locally, as the job gets ran Immediately. But on further investigation @adrexia could find that the fulltextsearch module had a few issues and she applied some fix to that, one already merged and another still pending review. She can comment further on her findings.

My understanding is around how things should work, • Page is published • CommitUpdates to SolrIndex QueuedJob is created • CommitUpdates Job is ran after a few min (depending on your cron configs) • CommitUpdates are complete and updates should be visible to users So far not much luck on getting it to work as expected ( how I believe it should work at least, please let me know if that's not how it is)

*Also our Platform UAT site AWS Solr server keeps crashing (seems to be resource related) and we have to keep opening tickets with them to restart the server. ~annoying~ 😑


Update for those following at home… this appears to be connected to this

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We are seeing people having problems with their results not showing in search, after they have updated their content. The root cause of this issue is that solr index must be reloaded OR a soft-commit must happen for the results to show up. The module seems to do neither, nor it gives recommendations on how to deal with that.

Historically, soft-commit would have been triggered from queuedjobs (or core reload, can't remember). Because queuedjobs were unreliable, CWP was switched behind the scenes to hijack solrconfig.xml, and force|autoSoftCommit to 60s, which mean the results showed reliably after saving.

I think this knowledge might have been forgotten and the module now doesn't trigger the soft commit or core reload anymore, nor even documents the necessity of committing. This means it works in CWP, but seemingly doesn't on other platforms.

I think the <|default autoSoftCommit> should perhaps be changed away from -1 to something like 15000.

Maybe some documentation around handling committing could be supplied too? I can't figure out how this is supposed to work with soft-commits off by default - is there a job to run? :-) some help would be appreciated.

We can try fixing this magically on the platform side by setting the solr.autoSoftCommit.maxTime java var, but I think this will still perhaps confuse people who don't use that particular platform, so some mention in the gotchas, or docs around it would be wonderful.

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No, a publish should trigger an immediate update to the index and not a job


that’s what happens locally, but in cms3, it added a job to the queue in live and test mode