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hmm yeah, i dont do a lot of frontend but it would be interesting to know what other people do


I think it's likely that I'll resort to Elemental here, seems a bit overkill but does the job.


Hey all, had a client ask if it is possible to extend the asset-admin search functionality so that a user can search inside documents (as well as just their filename)


Has anyone done this before? Would this be an instance of needing to use something like Solr?


The only other thing I can think to do would be to somehow parse uploaded documents and save the content to the DB (so it can be searched more easily), but that seems like a plan with a lot of potential problems!


afaik this was possible in SS2... some pdfs (with scanned images without OCR) won't be searchable.


The only thing I remember about SS2 was that KickAssets was a thing