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it's pretty solid and future proof, e.g. if you want to add another login provider

@Dennis Basa Guinto surely you learn a lot when you code stuff yourself, but if it's solid and secure and futureproof? IMHO the community should work together and create solid modules for common tasks. You can also learn a lot when you analyze code from experienced devs

@wmk Maybe it's just me. I like challenges. I coded my implementation of Facebook login in SilverStripe about 2 years ago and I just made a helper class with static methods to do it so I have to update that when there's a change in the SDK's interface and it would be troublesome to include other login providers. Now, I abide by SOLID principles and I'll say that was crap of me 2 years ago. But that's how I got started, that's how my mentor trained me, and that's how I rolled. I know reading some expert's codes is good (I do that) but I needed to start somewhere. Maybe it's not for everybody but I'd say start out sometime to be crap. I think it's difficult to start a genius but I might get there, hopefully, and I might be able to contribute to the community then.

I just want a clarification on this; I'd got an alert in FB application inbox about to upgrade this version v2.5 but I do not have any changes in login API for my project; so any thoughts?

so what's actually I have to do with this? should I leave this OR any update in FB application at developer console?

thanks if anyone understands and tells the correct answer;

The method used in your implementation, is going to be removed in the API of Facebook, as of the release of their version 3. That's what the messages mean. What this means to you, is you have to have a look at your code and the 2.5 documentation, to see what is going to be removed/deprecated, and update your code accordingly

(That is, assuming Facebook follows proper SemVer, I would not count on that too much)

but seems like this won't affect my methods(built as basic login API alone) so I want to confirm whether I need to make any changes on FB application at developer console?