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@nightjarnz, sure 🙂

Gutenberg Editor is a dynamic (drag'n'drop) page layout UI. It's a plugin for Wordpress.

The plugin face-lifts a WYSIWYG field, so that you can essentially assemble html layout like puzzle pieces.

The authoring pain point is that a typical WYSIWYG is very limited, and a page layout assembler helps non-technical people structure more complex layouts like columns, responsive variations, clusters of elements, as a well as layouts that can be duplicated or templated. Being able to control the layout makes Wordpress much more appealing than Silverstripe to many clients, even when you scream the security implications at them.

Visual Composer is a much older page layout UI - a licensed Wordpress plugin that theme creators use in their themes. You find it in heaps of themes on the Envato market.

@jakx I did see Elemental but it still not a good UX for the editor in my opinion. Yes, I would love to save each block as a data object in the background, however, when editing, it shouldn’t feel that way which most SilverStripe solutions unfortunately do at the moment. Gutenberg just flows so naturally.

I’m hoping that once this is out there, more clever SS devs will gather to create something that’s on par, or even better than GB, designed with SS in mind.

@hieroishere @jakx Neat, thanks for that extra info. You'll probably be interested to know that while Elemental is currently a slightly modified GridField, there are plans in the very near future to expand this into far more what you're talking about there Jackson. One of the first steps is inline editing which would hopefully address the more immediate editor user experience issues Hiren mentioned. Furthering on from that there are plans for a "LayoutElement" module, which you can see some hot discussion on in the #content-blocks channel :) I would encourage you both to get amongst it and let your voices be heard! :D

The designs for both of these goals are openly available online, although the layout block one is a bit more 'in flux' as such.

It's important to note that the layout block would ultimately be developer defined, although options for allowing the editor to customise the layout is also available. By this it means limiting the options available at each level to the editor, as to strongly direct the look and feel to not end up in a big mess as is common with fully editor controlled layouts (and is generally a assurance big tick point for SilverStripe).

It’s still under development. Pay no attention to the read me. The code is also a mess. The WordPress React stuff is messy.

It probably won’t work out of the box. In fact, I know it’ll most likely error. We’re working on it.

Well anyways, we’ll get an official release out once we have something that’s a bit more robust. Right now, the content is saved as text content in Content field as with standard content, however, at some point in the future I’m hoping to save individual blocks as data objects to make it truly block-y in the back end as well.