It's better to get to the reason why, compared to finding a solution to a problem in the here and now 😉

You're welcome 🙂 It's a bit obscure if you're unfamiliar with SilverStripe, no worries 🙂

where themes/app/folder is a relative path to your docroot, composer should expose

  1. "extra": {
  2. "expose": [
  3. "themes/app/dist",
  4. "themes/app/fonts",
  5. "themes/app/icons",
  6. "themes/app/images",
  7. "themes/app/thirdparty"
  8. ]
  9. },

You'll need to tell composer which files to expose though. For example:

A composer vendor-expose should expose the resources needed

That sounds like an error in PHP itself. SilverStripe doesn't like PHP version switching or manifest cache switching on the fly

But you could remove it and make it a dropdown populated with Files and FileID, see if that solves your problem