well, you could grep your Project for "InternalItemID", might be some extension cleans it? Otherwise xdebug is your friend 😐

@LiamC drag/drop for reordering each gallery? Yes, with a manymany_extraField

@robbieaverill what do you think about that? worth an issue? ^^

Probably. There’s a bunch of updates in this area that need to be done to use NumberFormatter for i18n support - most notable is the currency field

@martimiz DBFloat uses number_format and not NumberFormatter ... you might be able to add an extension to DBFloat with a "NiceI18N" method that formats the number using the NumberFormatter as a workaround. Of course one could see this as bug/enhancement

for those fields only a flush is needed, as the DB won't be updated. (edited)

hmm, isn't replace for a follow up module if the old one isn't developed any more?