eg. you reference your DataObject in the template via $VideoPlayer, then you could use $VideoPlayer.<Property> in the template, example: $VideoPlayer.Source

You get that error, because you try to render a dataobject in a template… you could access fields of that dataobject directly if you don't want to implement the forTemplate method

Implementing a forTemplate method for your DataObject should fix that…

For the initial deploy you might also want to upload public/assets

I only deploy themes/, app/ and composer.json + composer.lock. Also public/.htaccess and public/index.php… then run composer install on the server

So Decimal(3,1) max value would be 99.9 and not 999.9

the first param is the number of total digits and the second param is the number of fractional digits

Otherwise you might have to write to a tmp file and go from there

If you can work with raw binary data, use ->getString()

AFAIK getting the full path is difficult… because of filesystem abstraction, you're not supposed to rely on a file-path

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