Is the ElementsForSearch indexing at all when debugging in the Solr admin panel?

Can anyone enlighten me on the reason and purpose behind wrapping the contents on Page and PageController classes in a namespace definition? Is it for linting reasons?

I ran into a situation the other day with the exact use case of what you are describing of wanting to check something in the previous iteration.

Could it be as simple as a controller function where you could parse a position and compare to the one before.

Gotcha - I wondered if it was a possibility to make a has many that way you could just paginate the authors that have said something but that's not going to work in the archive context.

As for yours - are you dealing with an existing model or something new you are building?

Tomorrow's problem - if i find the strength 😄.

Ah, what is curious is I can't recreate this on the staging server in dev mode. Wonder if it's a PHP related anomaly.

Haha, well this project will actually use Solr but i'd like to get to the bottom of it as this was cloned from a boilerplate which is also broken all of a sudden. SearchForm is indeed allowed. The fact adding a results function in the same controller is interesting but might be a red herring.

Nothing shows up in logs. Switching the environment mode away from 'test' helped me get around it in the interim. Compared to a few other sites I've built using the same code and can't see any obvious differences 😕.