Hey guys is there anyway to set a setting on all instances of

  1. HtmlEditorField
in the CMS, without doing it in _config.php? Im asking because I'm using the Subsites module, and the TinyMCE should use a different css file depending on the active theme.

Ah... It does work. I hadn't thought to use the classname, I attempted to do it with the menu title ("Jobs")

@andante Wierd, it doesnt seem to work. I am trying to remove the QueuedJobsAdmin from the queuedjobs module.

Hey guys how can I remove (hide) a modeladmin added by a module?

Woops didnt notice people had responded. Thanks so much though, now I know that I'll be able to use it for my project for sure.

I misunderstood this part "Subsites can not be used to run multiple websites on a single instance. Subsites does not allow you to run multiple domains/vhosts on a single instance."

Alright, I was just a bit confused about something I read in the userguide/index docs

Does anyone know if its possible to use the Subsites module in a way where each site respons to a different domain name? For example the subsites project has both site A and site B subsites. Can site A respond to http://www.site-a.com and site B respond to http://www.site-b.com?