Well I noticed everything pretty much works fine on my local machine.. So there's problem something with the server setup acting up (not using Docker or such)

It seems to be having some trouble indexing ELemental aswell

Maybe. Just a bit weird since all the pages were already published. It might have something to do with the FLuent module though, not sure

Oh seems if I manually do a save on each page, they get indexed (even though the reindex task shouldve done it..)

Any ideas to what the issue is with Solr, if no search results show up on the website, but doing a query from the Solr admin panel works fine?

Yeah if I cant get this to work I'll set up a new solr instasnce on a different port i guess

might be some firewalling between the different users on the machine. Maybe support can help you...

You'll want it to run via webdav, and open port 8983 to any IP that needs to connect to it

Just thinking if there are any restrictions accessing the Solr instance on one website, by other websites on the server