hmm.. no, the only difference from dev/live environment it’s domain. live environment have, and dev it’s just:

I’m trying… If I change dev environment into live mode it’s still working fine…

Hi! When I’m creating new page on SS4, post happen and page is created, but I’m not being redirected to newly created page. Inside POST xhr I’m getting BackURL:,%20admin/pages/edit/show/70 . So I’m staying on the “create new page” instead being redirected. I’m using latest SS 4.2.1. And this is only happening on my production env. On local/dev environment it’s ok. Any idea what could be wrong ? I suppose BackURL should be like this:

  1. $uploadField = UploadField::create('GalleryImages', 'Select photos');
  2. $uploadField->setIsMultiUpload(true);
  3. $uploadField->setAllowedExtensions(array('jpg','png'));
  4. $uploadField->setFolderName('gallery');

you can use UploadField and setIsMultiUpload() to true.

very strange indeed… looks like I will need contact my hosting provider.