Does anyone have debugbar working with Beta 3 ? I've just tried to install it via composer and it doesn't seem to want to play.

The other issue with hosting within China is that you might need to have a commercial entity registered locally to be able to do it.

The Cloudflare network presence in China may well be enough to convince Baidu, as you say

The main issue I can see with that, is that if you want to operate more globally, you might get hurt if your primary servers are in China

Then, as it gets busier, look at SSP for the next step.

Spin up a server instance in Google Compute or AWS to run the site in the right region.

They have network locations in China, and they support SSL, HTTP2, etc.

So, you could set yourself up a server somewhere in the region, then stick Cloudflare in front of it. Their $20 per month plan will handle a lot of the image distribution requirements

Delivering assets via the CDN will be important then of course. And some careful configuration in terms of getting the cache headers, cookie config, compression, etc.