for sale Hi everyone. Are there any Joe Satriani fans in here? I have a single ticket for the concert at the Powerstation on 4 Dec and I can no longer go. The ticket is for Platinum VIP “Meet and Greet” - includes some swag I believe and a personal meeting with Joe Satriani himself. Original price was $300. Looking for offers.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled SilverStripe content.

I'm trying to patch a broken submodule and restructuring it appropriately turns a 5 pt ticket into about a 20 pt ticket 😞 I'm hoping I can do a patch that fixes the issue without requiring me to reverse engineer the feature and rebuild it - with all the associated regression testing involved.

eg - test the response from the function from ModelAdminController versus the response from MyCustomController

This is on the 3.5 branch of SS and on PHP7

Hi all. My google-fu is letting me down today. I have a function on an Object that needs to return a slightly different response dependent on the Controller that is currently running. How can I override the Controller::curr() temporarily in a SilverStripe test in order to test this method?

@stevie - yes. permissions are correct. Combined files are updating correctly judging by the changing timestamps. Nice suggestion though!

If I have not run a flush from the cms - I don't get the error at all. Note - that our build process clears all the template and manifest caches and runs build from the command line - so that may be part of it.

I can replicate it on demand by having a page with a gridfield on screen (split screen mode) - add ?flush=all to the url and hit enter. Once that's done I click into a row in the gridfield - which would normally open the ItemEditForm but instead I get the parsererror message in the top right corner.

@firesphere set your SS dev environment to live and try then. I can't replicate the issue at all in dev mode.

I'm spinning up a prod clone in our on-demand system to see if is an existing issue. It seems to be a rare edge case even if it already exists.

No bulk-edit tools module in our case. However, our lib.js combined file seems to be just over a meg so one hypothesis is that the file is taking a little longer than expected to download (due to the flush going on for the previous file) and jQuery is throwing a little tanty. We're keep our mind open as to possible causes.