Is there a tutorial on how to customize the ss react backend. Or can any one recommend any tutorial for Silverstripe and React???

All I know is the official docs . For form fields: look at other fields or extensions, that already converted to react (e.g. focuspoint). I once helped to upgrade importexport button which has a popup form for details. (edited)


I like the idea of an extra URL parameter great idea

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Use case: Intranet so actually it is only one Tv where this needs to work. Display calendar only if not this on TV device. I was not able to get this to work with a media query.

A bit off topic but can anyone recommend a javascript library to detect which device the site is loaded from. I need to find out if the device is a smart tv?

thank you @robbieaverill i was sure i have ran flush. I think it is time to go home.

  1. templates/
did not work but i think this is because my app folder is name spaced as well the controller that calls it is in namespace FooPage\PagesControllers; (edited)

i try to render a template with ajax. So far so good but it won’t find my template. Where does it have to be to get found if i do it like that return

  1. $this->customise(['Praxisbeispiel' => $referencesAjax])->renderWith('PraxisBSPAjax');