Although not totally convinced the search for scaffoldSearchField is working due to the 's in the error message.

Upgraded from 4.2.2 to 4.3.0, but getting [Emergency] Uncaught BadMethodCallException: Object->__call(): the method 'scaffoldSearchField' does not exist on 'PurpleSpider\StRule\PeopleGroup' and struggling to work out why, other than it’s probably to do with the new GridFieldFilterHeader. Anyone come across this?

There we go, easy when you know how! Used getIDList() and then byIDs(), thanks @wmk!

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Thanks all! Ok, I'll give that a go. Yeh, thought it was odd there was no intersection method.

If I have two different DataLists how can I end up with a new DataList which only includes the items that exist in both of the initial DataLists? (SS4.2)

Amazing thanks Tim! And the file would stay in the same location that it was uploaded? Or would they be rearranged and I'd need to delete the original files?

In SilverStripe 4 is there a way to upload a bunch of assets via FTP and have them picked up as assets in the CMS?