okay cool thank you I will try apply this to what I have. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

how would you add too and not replace @wmk? 😕

so basically 2 pages are missing but its now not showing the original 24 because now its including the filter. Its hard to know if i am making sense because im doing it let me know if im not😂

this is my ajax

  1. if ($('.pagination').length) {
  2. $(".pagination a").click(function(e) {
  3. e.preventDefault();
  4. var url = $(this).attr('href');
  5. $.ajax(url)
  6. .done(function (response) {
  7. $('.property-list').html(response);
  8. $('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, 0);
  10. })
  11. .fail (function (xhr) {
  12. alert('Error: ' + xhr.responseText);
  13. });
  14. });
  15. }
its on the SS documentation

the pagination works I can go to page 1,2,3 but realistically for 48 results (10 per page) I should have 5 pages

the main filter with a search button isnt AJAX but whats highlighted yellow is. Why doesnt pagination add more results? anyone had this before?

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Could anyone potentially help me with abit of AJAX? My problem is that I have a filter thats actioned by a button (works fine) and said example returns 24 properties with 3 pagination numbers 1,2,3. My AJAX calls the same function (yellow) but you can choose to include properties that have sold this now means there are 48 properties so the counter changes to 48 but it still only shows 24 because of the pagination! it doesnt add say the 2 extra pages it just shows 24 out of the 48 that include sold?? so it may show 12 for sale and 12 sold for example. Does this make sense / anyone know what I can do? If I take pagination off it works fine but I have a list of 50