Hi all, on the API module sent earlier it says in the documentation that you can return relations for example

  1. GET /api/v1/(ClassName)/(ID)/(Relation) - get all of the records linked to this database record by the given reatlion
To me this means that my URL should be able to return the class has_many? no? My ClassName has many specialisms so surley this should work
  1. http://domain.co.uk/api/v1/StaffPage/109/Specialisms
but it returns That object wasn't found ?

where do you define the username and password for the API?

@Hels this happens alot 😄 😂 We need our own office haha

Yeah thats pretty much what I need, would you mind sharing an example with me please? I have only ever used controllers on their respective page

does SS have built in functionality to use a controller or is that you preferred choice?