@Hels this happens alot 😄 😂 We need our own office haha

Yeah thats pretty much what I need, would you mind sharing an example with me please? I have only ever used controllers on their respective page

does SS have built in functionality to use a controller or is that you preferred choice?

Its very basic they just need first name , surname, image and link

has anyone ever created an API in SS? I need to some how allow another party to access "Members"

So in some product extension there is an infinite loop basically thats killing it

I really need to get this on my cpanel/WHM SS site with this load error its killing the site. If I install Xdbug what is the quickest more information receiving way to see whats going on? My site is sat at username/public_html. To get errors I usually have to go to username/logs and use tail -f error.log. Sorry to be so specific