1. SilverStripe\AssetAdmin\Controller\AssetAdmin:
  2. menu_title: 'Document Store'

Also, anyone know why the following doesn't change AssetAdmin.menu_title?

Have you tried moving the whole method onto the Controller?

So hang on, you are calling renderWith on the Page or the Controller?

I am assuming you are running this on a PageController?

@Michelle Krzyzanowski Does return $this->customise(array('Story' => $story))->renderWith(['Story', 'Page']); work?

You could add your code to it as a PR I am sure

@LiamC While you are at it, if you wouldn't mind upgrading this module to SS4? https://github.com/micschk/silverstripe-liveseo (edited)


Looks like @Ramon Lapenta has you covered with: https://github.com/Cyber-Duck/Silverstripe-SEO (edited)

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