The HTML request is responding with a 500 and all the external assets are getting 404s

Nevermind. Apparently trying to do things with .env file that SS isn’t set up to do and that I probably don’t need to do

Any ideas why the theme CSS files would be injected into the HTML without the /resources/ prefix in the href?

For a recognized module, do you need at least one yaml file in the _config dir or can you just have an empty _config dir?

What is the .cow.json file for and do I need to keep it in my deployed CMS?

Apparently, this is the only way that works:

  1. Name: myoverrides
  2. After: postgresql/*

Or would it be:

  1. name: myoverrides
  2. After:
  3. - silverstripe/postgresql/connectors#postgresqlconnectors

I want to override a Config YML setting for something in a vendor module. I’m trying to figure out how to specify the name of the YML file for an After block. It’s for the silverstripe/postgresql package in the connectors.yml file, under name: postgresqlconnectors. Referencing this doc, So would it look like this?

  1. name: myoverrides
  2. After:
  3. - postgresql/connectors#postgresqlconnectors

Do subclasses of parent classes with any Extensions also inherit the Extensions?