Are there any good working modules for ElasticSearch by any chance?

You can add a boolean, and only set it to '1' through the frontend form. Boolean default value is 0, so that could be identified as backend

would you suggest I add something like <input type="hidden" id="form_from" name="form_from" value="0"> in my form template file?

Yes, but I'd set the value to "1" in the form, assuming that'll be rendered on your frontend form

That was a good idea but I went on different direction looking at the controller name. if (Controller::curr()->ClassName == "soandso"){ $this->Name = strtolower($this->Name); }

I believe you just need to make sure that the last group you described doesn't get any rights to the CMS and you're good to go

I got a notification because someone searched with the slackbot, and my (old) message showed up in the results. I'd say that's a bug 🤭

UserDefinedFormExtension extends Extension Should be: UserDefinedFormExtension extends DataExtension That should work