Hey everyone... Really stupid question I'm hoping someone can set me straight on. I got the "date.timezone setting and validity" error for my php.ini file during install. I checked that I have PHP 7.1 installed, updated the date.timezone field, and still getting the error. Anyone run into this?

starbuck silverstripe-dependentdropdownfield

A SilverStripe dropdown field that has it's options populated via ajax, based on the value of the field it depends on

In the CMS no works. DependentDropdownField It's not compatible in Member?

class Province extends DataObject { //.. public static $has_one = array( 'Regioni' => 'Regioni', ); } class Regioni extends DataObject { //.. public static $has_many = array( 'Provinces' => 'Province', ); } class...

starbuck The framework offer LimitWordCount in StringField.php file. It's great but not totally perfect. Some tags et ponctuation needs the be corrected. I would like :

Keep tags

Correct ponctuation : «.» to «. », «,» to «, », «?» to «? » etc....

I have made my own LimitWordCount :

public function MyLimitWordCount($int) {

$text = strip_tags($this->owner->value, '');

 if (str_word_count($text, 0) > $int) {

      $words = str_word_count($text, 2);
      $pos =...
starbuck Trying to set permissions so that only a certain group of users can access certain pages on the front end. They don't need CMS access at all.

I have followed the on Silverstripe but I am not sure how to assign a specific group to only see specific pages.

This denies access to everyone except admins:

public function init() { parent::init();...