Hmmmm, ok so maybe I accidentally deleted the Hasher that was there... or the Member class... Let me check

Resolution found. I checked all files and reverted files to what they are on another working site plus ran a composer install to ensure no files had been accidentally moved or deleted. That didn't make a change. I checked the database and tried to manually copy the encrypted password from a working database to the local and that didn't work. I tried using a different database and that didn't work either. So I added Security::setDefaultAdmin('admin','password'); to the _config.php file, logged in with those credentials, went to the account returning the login error and updated the password. Afterwards login was successful. It's just interesting as I'm the only one working on this site and the login issue seemingly came from no where. At any rate, that's what I did to resolve.

I had previously updated to 3.7.1 and changed to using a _ss_environment.php file to define $databaseConfig. I think potentially the issue came when I moved the credentials out and required them into the _config.php file.

Interesting analogy. Thinking about cleaning a kitchen is a great way to think about it. Thanks for that thought and for the slow incremental changes. (edited)

Just to clarify, I was able to log in to the local site yesterday but today it's not authenticator

It's quite demotivating not being able to show a site the love it deserves

I would love all of the SS sites running on v4 buuuuuut just getting time to do general maintenance is tricky. The people who make the decisions don't understand technology so if they're not seeing tangible changes on the websites i.e. front-end things additional functionality, they think nothing is happening and start getting annoyed nothing is changing. When I got here sites were on PHP5.4, code wasn't in a repo, sass was in a single file. A lot of maintenance stuff I've done for the company in my own time, however I'm realising more and more it's futile and a waste of my time if those in charge would get angry having not seen new things they can look at on the site then want to fire me because either I can't convey or they can't understand the importance of maintenance, upgrading software to the latest versions within reason etc.

Because to get the time to upgrade I have to make time outside of working hours. Currently struggling to convey to necessity of maintenance to those who are making the final decisions on what does and doesn't get attention. (edited)

if I add Security::setDefaultAdmin('admin','password'); and access the site via those credentials it works correctly

I can flush and build the database but going to /admin leads to the login page which don't let me log in

I'm confused as to what to look into to debug this. I haven't changed anything with the cms or framework but have only worked on project and theme files. Any suggestions of potential causes for this would be appreciated!

Hey guys, I'm getting this strange error on a site im developing locally. All of a sudden when trying to login it states there's 'no password on this member'. As far as I can see, the members and passwords tables are still in tact. I took the staging database (which isn't having login issues) and imported that locally to see if something had become corrupt with the local db. but the same message is returning. I would have thought user to password validation would be a lot to do with info in the database but this issue persists with different databases. The message returns with any user credentials used to login.