ah ok, ill look into our cloudflare account & see if its paid for or not!

thanks @kinglozzer didn’t know that. our site always just seems to get either the default cloudflare ones or just a white screen that says not found in tiny black writing in the top left

i do - or at least I can imagine. I still remember the trauma of the time someone made decaf coffee for our sunday morning break after mucking out stables!! maybe if there was a warning system in place you could receive emergency help faster

also, can it include the one about the teapot? just in case @dorsetdigital has another kettle failure? 😉 🤣

@kinglozzer looks really nice - does this mean I can now change the error pages??? I really want it to say “OMG you broke the internet!” instead of those really boring pages that just say error not found!

yes, the lessons are really great for getting started but I find its too big of a leap to be able to understand the api pages to find all the possibilities. a little collection of “ideas” or something like that (not full tutorials just examples of the various options with screenshots of how they turn out) would be really nice

thanks @andante that would be awesome - why couldn’t they put that in the lesson???

glad I could help! it doesn’t happen often!!! 🤣

here is a screenshot showing how that turns out in my cms…