Not that I have the time but I've been thinking about making an OpenLayers module

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Oh, for sure. However, this is used only in GraphQL / regular-JSON requests only, so no templates. Proper caching would be nice but I don't have time to set something properly robust up.

Hmm, for this case ::get()->map('ID', 'FieldName')->toArray() seems to do the trick

Also realise it's not that huge a number in real terms, but they still have overhead and I've got limited compute resources to work with. Sacrificing a little memory temporarily makes more sense in this case.

Granted, it might not actually be that many but it's not impossible.

Yeah, but I don't want to run ~20 queries where one will do 😄

I did find ->map(), but need more than one field. If I have to do it manually it's no big deal, I just try to not do that if there's a framework-sanctioned way