ugh nevermind. Noticed it needed to be templates/SilverStripe/Blog/Model/Layout. Capital S on stripe caught me out, but works on Windows

Hi Again everyone. Im having an issue with blog templating. I have and files in templates/Silverstripe/Blog/Model/Layout/. These work on my windows dev machine, but don't work on my linux dev server. When I load the blog summary it just ignores my files and uses the default blog layout. I've dev/build/flush/expose etc and nothing. Can it be a case thing im missing moving between devices?

We have 4 sites all using similar themes, so i generally just grab the bits i need and create seperate git repos for each them that install via composer. For the latest one i created it from complete scratch (not sure what starter and Watea are!) but im getting ready to commit everything. Would be much easier to keep it in one repo, but if its still preferred to go via composer I will do that.

I noticed in a couple of conversations that people were moving away from installing themes via composer and just running them inline as a regular folder. Is composer still the recommended way?

Ah ok so thats what the $owns property does

Quite a few results about the owns property here: (edited)

Slack Archive - Search for: private static owns | SilverStripe Users Slackarchive

I'm also seeing all my uploaded images saving as draft. I know this was an issue on 4.1 but im on 4.3

I just created a new SS4 site from scratch, and my css isn't being updated after changes. I have to run composer vendor-expose to make it happen. That can't be right can it?