For example, let the user upload a main photo for their article, but then also have to select a square portion to act as the thumbnail on a holder page

You could look into the "focal point" module, but I don't think it'll do that, no. (edited)

Hi all - Quick question. Is it possible to add a custom thumbnail picker to the CMS when uploading an image? If so, are there any articles/docs on how to achieve this? Thanks in advance!

Anyway, thanks so much for your help @Ramon Lapenta & @Joe. Really appreciate it

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I wonder if I can configure VSCode to show me weird invisible characters

but renaming the variable to $Writer seems to fix it. I'm very baffled!

So if I pasted something into it it might have an invisible character in it? I just tried typing abc in without anything else and that seems to have the same problem

Would these characters be being introduced via the custom 'Author' field I've added to the CMS for that page type the?