Joe Lewis

In the process of upgrading to ss4, getting PasswordEncryptor_NotFoundException when trying to create new members (This only occurs if I import the old db across.) - I saw a few old threads about default admin issues.

I can seem to fix it by manually removing a MemberPassword row with MemberID 0.

Any idea why this might be occurring/is it a bug?

Joe Lewis

Stack trace

  1. [Emergency] Uncaught SilverStripe\Security\PasswordEncryptor_NotFoundException: No implementation found for ""
  2. POST /members-area/register/RegistrationForm/
  3. Line 46 in /var/www/html/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/Security/PasswordEncryptor.php
  5. Source
  6. 37 * @throws PasswordEncryptor_NotFoundException
  7. 38 */
  8. 39 public static function create_for_algorithm($algorithm)
  9. 40 {
  10. 41 $encryptors = self::get_encryptors();
  11. 42
  12. 43
  13. 44
  14. 45 if (!isset($encryptors[$algorithm])) {
  15. 46 throw new PasswordEncryptor_NotFoundException(
  16. 47 sprintf('No implementation found for "%s"', $algorithm)
  17. 48 );
  18. 49 }
  19. 50
  20. 51 $class=key($encryptors[$algorithm]);
  21. 52 if (!class_exists($class)) {
Joe Lewis

Perfect, I will give that a go. Thanks for the direction

Joe Lewis

Hey thanks for that, Yeah I was going down that route of install nvm.

is it just a case then when you launch each container you have a "default" installed node version then switch?

I was just thinking if you were to ever bring down your container you would need to change the node version manually again? or is there a command you run with your docker compose that would install the correct version using nvm each time you bring it up?

Joe Lewis

Hey all, just building my own docker file and have a few different versions so we can transition away from vm's currently making php7.3 and php5.x varients. As part of the docker file we have a hardcoded node version install.

We are wanting to have the ability to define what node/npm version we use per project as some are runnning older.

is there a way I can make this dynamic at docker-compose time? or a recommended way?

Joe Lewis

Hey all, has anyone come across embed video causing massive page loading times (around 12secs)? Just using the "insert media vial url" and pasting youtube link in.