Andre Kiste

If you use something like pay junction, they can manage card tokens for you, so you just store the last 4 digits. If you decide to go down that road and store the data on your own you should do some thorough research.

Andre Kiste


That should update the allowed extension in file class and update the assets .htaccess so it doesnt throw a 403

Andre Kiste In our system old capcha is going to expird on 03-31. So we need to update it to recapcha2 version. Any one can explain the process in silverstripe.

Andre Kiste public $columnMap = array(

'Date'      => 'Date',
'FirstName' => 'FirstName',
'amount'      =>  'Amount',

); public $duplicateChecks = array( 'FirstName' => 'FirstName', );

In $duplicateChecks i need to check FirstName+amount.How can i implement this?