Bart van Irsel

if i change

  1. $loggedInAsField

in MemberLoginForm class to Email it works so i must be using thaht one

Bart van Irsel
  1. $LoginForm

is in template, i will look further into it tonight

Bart van Irsel

SubmittedFormField thing works but the loggedInAsField property doesnt ..

Bart van Irsel
  1. SilverStripe\Core\Injector\Injector:
  2. SilverStripe\UserForms\Model\Submission\SubmittedFormField:
  3. class: StripIt
  4. SilverStripe\Security\MemberAuthenticator\MemberLoginForm:
  5. properties:
  6. loggedInAsField: 'Email'
Bart van Irsel

changing MemberLoginForm.php is success but that's not the way 🙂

Bart van Irsel
  1. SilverStripe\Security\MemberAuthenticator\MemberLoginForm:
  2. properties:
  3. loggedInAsField: 'Email'

also no success

Bart van Irsel

hmm both dont do anything

  1. SilverStripe\Core\Injector\Injector:
  2. #SilverStripe\Security\MemberLoginForm:
  3. SilverStripe\Security\MemberAuthenticator:
  4. properties:
  5. loggedInAsField: 'Email'