Thanks @nightjarnz. That will be it. I can see a dev/task for publishing page from locales, I will run that and see what happens

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@nightjarnz Publishing the pages still does not resolve the issue. The URL it generates is /home/SearchForm/?Search=Team&action_results=


This is different to Translatable, where a "locale" was essentially just a subsite, and could have an extremely different content structure.


why would FullTextSearch not work with Fluent? I have got two locales and the search does not render at all. Deleting both the locales from the CMS fixes everything. The format of the locales is en_NZ...


Please note it looks fine on the front-end. just that it has wrong href i.e. [sitetree_link,id=28]


Would anyone know why does Tinymce render SS_Internal links like this <a title="my-link" href="[sitetree_link,id=28]" rel="noopener">my link</a>


I am using StringTagField but nothing is visible in the form. I have tried dev/build and deleted cache folder.

  1. $field = StringTagField::create(
  2. 'ColumnName',
  3. 'ColumnName',
  4. ['one', 'two'],
  5. explode(',', $this->owner->ColumnName)
  6. ),
  7. $field->setShouldLazyLoad(true); $fields->insertAfter($field,'Title');
Aaron Cooper

That ->owner looks suss but we can't see where this code sits. Where is it?


@Aaron Cooper ->owner was because it was in an extension of a custom model used in an Element. I have moved it to the model itself and still have the same issue. Here is the code:

`private static $db = [`
    `'Tags' => 'Text',`

`public function getCMSFields()`

    `$field = StringTagField::create(`
        `['one', 'two'],`
        `explode(',', $this->Tags)`

    `$field->setShouldLazyLoad(true); // tags should be lazy loaded`
    `return $fields;`


This is what I see:


@Aaron Cooper Thank you. I just went for tractorcow / silverstripe-autocomplete


@jkersu great. Thank you very much. @nightjarnz thanks for the feedback 👍

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