We’ll probably need a bit more info than that Greg. Where are you located? Can you link to github or a CV or something?

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We gave up on docker, docker sync almost works but on sites with large assets you end up worth two copies of everything on your disk and everything kinda dies.

Most of our devs currently use an older version of the brew link above, some of them use that with some tweaks like wildcard vhosts and dnsmasq


Try out using performance tuning flags (no more need for docker-sync) in docker if you ever look back to using docker. I find it great and better performing than my old brew link stack - - I just :cache the directories that need to be cached e.g. vendor and public and my app is mounted regularly. I haven’t tried with large amount of assets though as I run mine all through aws

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Docker Documentation  
Performance tuning for volume mounts (shared filesystems)

Docker 17.04 CE Edge adds support for two new flags to the docker run -v, --volume option, cached and delegated, that can significantly improve the performance of mounted volume access...

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do you want to freelance for clients, or agencies? If the latter, then reach out to agencies that do SS (they are probably also on the directory)

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Multiple area per page are a relatively new feature, so everything so far has been page centric, it’s a really good call though. If there’s not a hook to do it, then that should be added.

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