Apache log shows:

  1. [Mon Oct 28 23:55:44.611707 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 5325] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: chmod(): Operation not permitted in /home/plasticorp/public_html/plasticorp/vendor/league/flysystem/src/Adapter/Local.php on line 365
  2. [Mon Oct 28 23:55:44.611753 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 5325] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Warning: Couldn't set response type to 500 because of output on line 419 of /home/plasticorp/public_html/plasticorp/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/Control/HTTPResponse.php in /home/plasticorp/public_html/plasticorp/vendor/silverstripe/framework/src/Control/HTTPResponse.php on line 397

Any idea of the problem? Thanks


Hey @Jose I had this smae problem many times. To fix it I have to go into the folder of the silverstripe project & do sudo chown apache:apache public/assets/.htaccess & also remember to redo it every time do composer update of silverstripe version


Thanks a lot Hels!, I will try, I am reinstalling composer and SS4. Regards


Hello, I do not know what to do, SS4 passed all the requirements fine and after I clicked install It gave an error and running the pages with SS default theme it lost the styles and issue this error, is same error also for the admin pages:

  1. [Warning] chmod(): Operation not permitted
  2. GET /plasticorp/public/
  4. Line 365 in /home/plasticorp/public_html/plasticorp/vendor/league/flysystem/src/Adapter/Local.php
  5. Source
  7. 356 }
  8. 357
  9. 358 /**
  10. 359 * @inheritdoc
  11. 360 */
  12. 361 public function setVisibility($path, $visibility)
  13. 362 {
  14. 363 $location = $this->applyPathPrefix($path);
  15. 364 $type = is_dir($location) ? 'dir' : 'file';
  16. 365 $success = chmod($location, $this->permissionMap[$type][$visibility]);
  17. 366
  18. 367 if ($success === false) {
  19. 368 return false;
  20. 369 }
  21. 370
  22. 371 return compact('path', 'visibility');

What can I do to have SS4 finally working? Thanks


Ok, thanks @dorsetdigital now I will try to run the installer. I dropped the Centos 7 VM and installed a Debian 9 Desktop VM, l will check. Regards

  1. .....
  2. - Installing phpunit/php-code-coverage (4.0.8): Downloading (100%)
  3. - Installing phpunit/phpunit (5.7.27): Downloading (100%)
  4. symfony/yaml suggests installing symfony/console (For validating YAML files using the lint command)
  5. guzzlehttp/psr7 suggests installing zendframework/zend-httphandlerrunner (Emit PSR-7 responses)
  6. intervention/image suggests installing intervention/imagecache (Caching extension for the Intervention Image library)
  7. monolog/monolog suggests installing graylog2/gelf-php (Allow sending log messages to a GrayLog2 server)
  8. monolog/monolog suggests installing sentry/sentry (Allow sending log messages to a Sentry server)
  9. monolog/monolog suggests installing doctrine/couchdb (Allow sending log messages to a CouchDB server)
  10. monolog/monolog suggests installing ruflin/elastica (Allow sending log messages to an Elastic Search server)
  11. monolog/monolog suggests installing php-amqplib/php-amqplib (Allow sending log messages to an AMQP server using php-amqplib)
  12. monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-amqp (Allow sending log messages to an AMQP server (1.0+ required))
  13. monolog/monolog suggests installing ext-mongo (Allow sending log messages to a MongoDB server)
  14. monolog/monolog suggests installing mongodb/mongodb (Allow sending log messages to a MongoDB server via PHP Driver)
  15. monolog/monolog suggests installing aws/aws-sdk-php (Allow sending log messages to AWS services like DynamoDB)
  16. monolog/monolog suggests installing rollbar/rollbar (Allow sending log messages to Rollbar)
  17. monolog/monolog suggests installing php-console/php-console (Allow sending log messages to Google Chrome)
  18. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-eventable-filesystem (Allows you to use EventableFilesystem)
  19. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-rackspace (Allows you to use Rackspace Cloud Files)
  20. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-azure (Allows you to use Windows Azure Blob storage)
  21. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-webdav (Allows you to use WebDAV storage)
  22. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-aws-s3-v2 (Allows you to use S3 storage with AWS SDK v2)
  23. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3 (Allows you to use S3 storage with AWS SDK v3)
  24. league/flysystem suggests installing spatie/flysystem-dropbox (Allows you to use Dropbox storage)
  25. league/flysystem suggests installing srmklive/flysystem-dropbox-v2 (Allows you to use Dropbox storage for PHP 5 applications)
  26. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-cached-adapter (Flysystem adapter decorator for metadata caching)
  27. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-sftp (Allows you to use SFTP server storage via phpseclib)
  28. league/flysystem suggests installing league/flysystem-ziparchive (Allows you to use ZipArchive adapter)
  29. paragonie/random_compat suggests installing ext-libsodium (Provides a modern crypto API that can be used to generate random bytes.)
  30. m1/env suggests installing josegonzalez/dotenv (For loading of .env)
  31. m1/env suggests installing m1/vars (For loading of configs)
  32. webonyx/graphql-php suggests installing react/promise (To leverage async resolving on React PHP platform)
  33. silverstripe/graphql suggests installing silverstripe/graphql-devtools (Adds in-browser tools for testing and debugging GraphQL queries)
  34. sebastian/global-state suggests installing ext-uopz (*)
  35. phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects suggests installing ext-soap (*)
  36. phpunit/php-code-coverage suggests installing ext-xdebug (^2.5.1)
  37. phpunit/phpunit suggests installing phpunit/php-invoker (~1.1)
  38. phpunit/phpunit suggests installing ext-xdebug (*)
  39. Package phpunit/phpunit-mock-objects is abandoned, you should avoid using it. No replacement was suggested.
  40. Writing lock file
  41. Generating autoload files
  42. $

Hello @phyzical now in the morning composer finally worked without errors using: $ composer create-project silverstripe/installer website It downloaded: "7225 elements total 32,8 MiB (34.396.061 bytes)" Is this fine? If I remember well, someone said it downloaded for him about 54 or 57MB in files. Now what I should do with Composer suggestions? Please understand I am new to SS, thanks


I guess can be a problem with packagist. I will go to sleep, how I miss those days when computing was less complex...

  1. $ composer install silverstripe/recipe-cms 4.4.4 website
  2. Invalid argument silverstripe/recipe-cms 4.4.4 website. Use "composer require silverstripe/recipe-cms 4.4.4 website" instead to add packages to your composer.json.

$ composer require silverstripe/recipe-cms 4.4.4 website

  1. [Composer\Downloader\TransportException]
  2. The "
  3. e00d66d945eaac.json" file could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)
  5. require [--dev] [--prefer-source] [--prefer-dist] [--no-progress] [--no-suggest] [--no-update] [--no-scripts] [--update-no-dev] [--update-with-dependencies] [--update-with-all-dependencies] [--ignore-platform-reqs] [--prefer-stable] [--prefer-lowest] [--sort-packages] [-o|--optimize-autoloader] [-a|--classmap-authoritative] [--apcu-autoloader] [--] [<packages>]...

No luck, am I doing something wrong?


Thanks @phyzical you mean this? Am I writing it right?:

  1. composer create-project silverstripe/recipe-cms": "^4.4.4", website

website: the directory under /var/www/html/