@SSDevie You can also checkout and signup for Upwork. Lots of potential clients post Silverstripe work there as well.

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Hello everyone, I am a full-stack developer with 12 years of design and development experience and I've been working with Silverstripe since 2008 before we had SiteTree::enable_nested_urls(); in the version 2.4 release. I am currently available for hire and am looking for a fulltime or temporary contract position. I can work in a team or alone. You can see my CV/Resume at including links to my github and samples of some of my work. So, whether you are looking to build a SaaS app, eCommerce website, performance optimization at the Silverstripe or server level, a simple website, web application or you just need some help, feel free to send me a DM and hopefully we can do some great work together

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Is Silverstripe looking into opening a North American office? In my humble opinion, that will be a really important step in growing the SS developer base. They could also consider hiring developer evangelist over there, sponsor php conferences, sponsor hackatons, get the college kids, more work opportunities, more SS developers voices, more community blog posts, market Silverstripe as a SASS app foundation, build packages like Laravel Spark because Silverstripe can be used for anything web/api etc... I've been providing SS solutions for 10 years now and Silverstripe is so awesome. We need to tell more developers about it. In my country, I've tried getting other devs to use it but they are more attracted to some of the other php frameworks and I am the only SS dev there serving Silverstripe solutions.

I am just saying this out of my desire to see SS grow in terms of the developer community size. That will lead to more work, more opportunities and hopefully a larger developer mindshare. Let me know what you think.


I was using .dev for local web development for some years now until the last google chrome update (63) and I noticed all my dev sites where redirecting to https.. After some research I noticed google added an update that did the redirect because apparently, they where the administrator of the .dev tld. So now I am using .localhost for all my dev sites.

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Don't Use .dev For Development

A while back I wrote about setting up DNSMasq for your local development using the .localhost TLD. Unfortunately during my research I came across a lot of people advocating setup using the hypothetical .dev domain under the guise of "DevOps". I hate to say it but this is a bad

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