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I have created and published two pages :

• Page A • Page B

Added Page B as a link to the Related pages section on Page A and republished.

The Related pages section doesn't appear on the page.
It only appears when view viewing the page as a logged in user.

Here are package versions being used:
"cwp/cwp-recipe-core": "[email protected]",
"cwp/cwp-recipe-cms": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-blog": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-form-building": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-authoring-tools": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-collaboration": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-reporting-tools": "[email protected]",
"cwp/cwp-recipe-search": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/recipe-services": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/subsites": "[email protected]",
"tractorcow/silverstripe-fluent": "[email protected]",
"silverstripe/registry": "[email protected]",
"cwp/starter-theme": "[email protected]",
"cwp/watea-theme": "^2.1"

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you can loop the $Locales and check if the current page exists in each locale with FluentState. that LocaleMenu example just links to each site language, rather than different versions for each page

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Ramon Lapenta

I didn’t know about FluentState, but the code above does link to each page, so I’m hiding the current page link with CSS and leaving the other one visible, works quite well

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I have code a FluentState function to do this but in only 2 languages. I must disable this function when i'm on frontend /admin page ... But that work


if the version for that page doesn't exist, it defaults to the locale home page though.

robbieaverill :-)

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SS 4.3.2, Chrome 72.0.3626.121 on MacOS Mojave

• Go to the CMS • Refresh the page • Observe a brief colour and size/margin transition in the main menu loading in|

This is pretty intense. The colour change probably isn't intended, while the margin might be.

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it sounds like it might be Versioned::augmentSQL() or something like that


are you calling parent::setUp() etc? that's often what causes that error


it's the correct image, it's just heavily aimed at NZ readers. i have a tendency to write lame puns

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lol @ me linking to a CDN's version of some random picture

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also note that translations should belong to the modules that create them, e.g. a SiteTree extension rather than SiteTree itself. won't cause any big errors or anything but it's just a tidy thing