Yeah the "magic" there is just making sure it's all done in SQL rather than a loop with 400 queries.


This was because the GraphQL scaffolder automatically does pagination, but the editor doesn't support pagination. It's a bit of a "quick fix" because pagination is obviously good for responsive UX, but it's being disabled here because it's much harder to solve the UX problems of editing pages of blocks.

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But you're completely ignoring the benefit of strong typing the GraphQL usually forces you to do

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You can do the ultimate hack - a custom "object type"


Ah I've just spotted an issue:

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I'm currently experiencing Elemental blocks being displaying in multiple tabs (Blocks, Other).
My expectation would be that this would behave the same as pages since there is a tab defined explicitly for it. I've attached a screenshot of both views to show what I'm seeing.|image

Currently installed version of silverstripe-versioned-admin is 1.3.0.
If I can help with providing any more info please let me know.

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