You'd be surprised. A lot of content authors look in the dev docs to find their answers and even a bit of vice-versa.

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Hi, everyone. Who likes decision making?

On the prospect of merging userhelp into the main docs site, we're thinking through some strategies on how the new URLs will work. I can see five options, all with pros and cons:

Option A: docs/userhelp split is done on sub URLs (/en/4/databases becomes /docs/en/4/databases, /en/4/userforms becomes /user/en/4/userforms). Good: straightforward technical implementation. Semantically correct (two categories of content in one monolithic source). Bad: every URL will need a 301. • Option B: Since docs is far more popular than userhelp, we keep the URLs for docs and make userhelp a special case. (/en/4/databases remains the same, /en/4/userforms becomes /user/en/4/userforms). Good: fewer redirects. Bad: starts to erode the semantics a bit, with one body of content given special treatment. More technical mumbo jumbo for docs devs to get up speed on. • Option C: docs/userhelp are top level nav items. Good: most transparent semantically. URLs align perfectly with the navigation. Bad: Navigation is bloated as is. Also, still a site-wide 301 problem. • Option D : Keep the subdomains, but do some trickery at the app level to say, "if subdomain == user, filter the docs by type == user", so that docs links would 404 if accessed on the userhelp subdomain. Good: No 301s. Exactly the same browser experience for users of the docs. Bad: derp derp technical magic. • Option E: Keep these sites separate (status quo). Good: we don't have to deal with this decision. Bad: docs/userhelp are most likely too aggressively split considering how similar their content is. Duplicate codebases to maintain.


And then i'll do a proper tutorial on how to use everything on a real site 🙂


Ah, good to hear. Yeah, a number of things in flux right now. I'm breaking up everything into more modules.. we'll have

• gatsby-source-silverstripe • silverstripe-gatsby-build • silverstripe-gatsby-navigation • silverstripe-gatsby-forms • silverstripe-gatsby-elemental

  1. mutation {
  2. createComment(Input: { Comment: "foo", Email: "<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>", BlogEntryID: 5 }) {
  3. isSpam
  4. successMessage
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Creating mutations and input types for forms is still a todo