note: you need to ?flush when your lang files change. Three calls of i18n::set_locale(...); overwrite each other. Just call fr_FR and you're fine. I always set the default locale in mysite.yml like:

  1. SilverStripe\i18n\i18n:
  2. default_locale: de_DE

So /mysite/lang/fr.yml

  1. fr:
  2. Homepage:
  3. LOADING: "En cours"

or /mysite/lang/fr_FR.yml

  1. fr_FR:
  2. Homepage:
  3. LOADING: "En cours"

should work.


^^ for the lang.yml files.of course if you need to seperate e.g. between fr_FR and fr_CH this is different.


any reason you use fr_FR instead of generic "fr"? This is possible in SS if you just have one kind of French locale


@vanny if you want silverstripe use your cache dir, create a directory called "silverstripe-cache" in your ss-root


good catch. Had a white screen of death when e.g. CLI dev/build was run on a different PHP version than the webserver setting


@vanny when do you get that error? I sometimes get it when image cache was flushed and many images need to be re-rendered. After some reloads it's gone. Alternatively: throw more RAM on it (some php memory size settings)


unfortunately not @guy_van_bael


so i guess something like front-end registration must be set up with the existing member system.?


technically it's based on the member system, yes. Members are added to a special group, so they don't have cms access


I've used MemberProfiles in the past @guy_van_bael. But as @wmk said, there's no purpose-built theme for Silvershop, you'll need to do some development there. If I recall, there's ~6 page types templates that need to be added, I didn't count up the number of Includes.

That said, there's a few other themes to build off of that aren't the simple theme. I've used CWP's starter and watea in the past, and Silverstripe released their bambusa theme last year: https://github.com/silverstripe/bambusa-theme

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  1. /**
  2.  * Reports which should not be collected and returned in get_reports
  3.  *
  4.  * @config
  5.  * @var array
  6.  */
  7. private static $excluded_reports = [
  8. self::class,
  9. ReportWrapper::class,
  10. SideReportWrapper::class,
  11. ];
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